Santy visit

Little Treasures children meet Santy

Santy and his helper elves whizzed over  North Wall last week and dropped into Little Treasures Community Crèche on Thursday.  The children were thrilled to see him. Santy sat patiently his grotto, asking the children if they'd been good and distributing some early Christmas presents.  He even chatted to older people and wished them all a Happy Christmas. Everyone had a great time. 

A big thank you to Santy for being so kind.  Also to the construction company Sisk for gifting some great educational toys to the children. Here's one of them:  

Grasshopper toy
A grasshopper toy from Sisk

Little Treasures will open again on Tuesday 4th January 2022.  In the meantime, we wish everyone in our community, including children and their families, a lovely Christmas!

And a ho, ho, ho!

Santy in the Grotto
A dizzy Santy and his snowman friend in the Grotto