Lá Fhéile Pádraig - Sheriff Street, 2022

Ré helps carry the banner

Happy children and a sunny morning made for a brilliant St. Patrick's Day Parade.  Months of organising and teamwork couldn't guarantee the weather. But it all came together in a colourful, lively celebration on Wednesday morning, 16th March. 

So much buzz!  The Garda band played, circus performers and Disney characters whizzed around and every child -- and most of the adults -- wore green and waved their flags. A massive thank you to everyone who helped make this day happen.  We needed a celebration. 

Little Treasures in the parade
Our Little Treasures ready for the parade
A happy little group
A happy little trio 
Enjoying the parade
Sinead and her little grand daughter enjoy the parade

Visiting Disney characters made everyone smile. Here they are in the nearby St. Laurence O'Toole Recreation centre, dressed up and ready for the parade. 

Warming up before the parade

Disney characters with Ann Murphy
Ann Murphy, our general manager, in front of North Wall CDP
Samuel Hotel manager
Shauna Jones, HR Manager at the Samuel Hotel, meets Buzz Lightyear!  















The Samuel Hotel staff helped make the day really special, taking part in our community event.  Thank you!

It's not surprising that our guests of honour enjoyed all the colour and fun.  The two ladies on the left had only just flown in from Romania.  Here they are,  already looking great in Ireland's national colours, ready for the tour. 

Special guests on St. Patrick's Day parade
From left to right:  Elisabeta, Elena, Roxana, Mirabela (our brilliant Finance Administrator) and Elaine, Sheriff Street's Community Mayor.  Everyone was in great form.





And here's Patch, the 14-year-old horse who pulled the white carriage for our guests.   

A horse at the parade
Patch, relaxing quietly

Three circus performers who helped brighten the day.

Circus performers at the parade

We didn't forget the Ukraine.  Here our staff show solidarity with that special country, marching with the blue and gold flag. 

Showing solidarity with the Ukraine