St. Valentine's Day art class

Pre-school class make Valentines Day cards

On the eve of Valentine's Day,  our pre-school childcare staff planned a special art workshop. Result? These beautiful cards and hearts, made by the children themselves.

The staff do a 20-minute art class with the class or twice a week.  Double that time if you include the prep (aprons on and paints ready) and the clean-up afterwards!!!  It's always worth the effort.  Because, as our poster says - We love to paint! 

St. Valentine's Day is one of the earliest Christian holidays.   In 496 A.D Pope Gelasius 1 tried to ban the pagan rituals of the 'Lupercalia', which also took place in mid-February.  He replaced the festival with a Saint Day celebration on February 14, in honour of St. Valentine.  Over 1,500 years later it's as important as ever.  It's a day to show your love - with a thoughtful card. 

We love to paint poster
Artwork in the pre-school room