International Women's Day at NWCDP - March 8th 2023

Sylvia cuts the International Women's Day cake


It started with the planning. The buying of sandwiches (delicious, and great value), scones, a tart with fresh cream and a giant cake. Coloured ribbons on the railings; crisp white table covers in the canteen. A few flowers picked from the community garden, placed by windows. 

Georgina by the decorations
Georgina by our outside decorations 

Each guest warmly welcomed.  Then,  lots of chat and cups of tea downed. The cake savaged!  It ended with a 'sing song' by a bunch of women who are both workmates and friends. Many with over 10, 20 or even 30 years' service in North Wall CDP.  Together, celebrating International Women's Day.

Audrey and Imelda on IWD
Audrey and Imelda 
Lisa Tina Donna and Imelda
Lisa, Tina, Donna and Imelda 


Angela and Michelle
Angela and Michelle - welcome guests!


Sylvia and friend Angela
Sylvia and friend Angela


Tina amd Michelle
Tina and Michelle


getting tickled
Rosie and Sylvia - Sharon in background 

Upstairs bags and boxes are packed, ready to send for earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria. That was part of the day also.  Women don't forget the important things.