We are proud of our Local Training Initiative (LTI)  learners who are part of the 'Street Kings' soccer team. They are taking part in a 7-a-side football tournament organised by Sport Against Racism  Ireland (SARI).  SARI has organised a month-long Football for Unity festival. It is taking place in venues across the NEIC until Friday 16th July.

There are 6 learners representing Sheriff St. Five are on our current LTI Sports and Recreation course. The sixth player successfully completed the course last year.  Well done on your latest win lads!  

And best of luck to the Street Kings for your match next Monday.



North Wall CDP (NWCDP) was established in 1985 as a community initiative. It was originally set up as the North Wall Women’s Centre, a place where local women could connect and build their skills and confidence so that they could help support others. Here is a link to a 1980s RTE documentary, ‘The Women of Sheriff Street’.

Today, community development is still at the heart of what we do. We work with people and partners in our community to combat social exclusion and ensure better future outcomes for all.

We provide resources, supports and opportunities to help achieve this.  And our building on Lower Sheriff Street is still a meeting point for celebrating International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and other major events.

Here is a taste of our community development roles. We provide:

  • Subsidised childcare that enables parents and carers to avail of training supports and job opportunities, thereby helping them to engage in the society and in the economy. Our ‘Little Treasures’ early education service also gives children a head start for primary school.
  • Employment through long-term contracts and CE schemes in a variety of posts, including: childcare, catering, office administration, cleaning/maintenance and community development. CE participants avail of free training opportunities as required by the DEASP
  • Space for a knitting group, which meets on Friday mornings. This provides a lovely social opportunity for local ladies, many of whom are elderly.
  • A community garden, located beside our community crèche.  Until late 2019 we ran a gardening club on Tuesday mornings. We hope this will resume shortly.
  • Advice and other supports to help local people find training and education. 
  • We designed a 44-week Local Training Initiative (LTI) course on Sports Development which was funded and accredited by CDETB.  This course focus on engaging and retaining the younger members of our community.  This course ran from Autumn 2019 to this summer.  Our LTI team will roll out another Sports-focussed course in September.

Our community suffers from severe socio-economic disadvantage, but is very resilient and has many strengths. NWCDP is wholly committed to working with people who are disadvantaged, either socially, educationally and/or economically in our local community and offer them a route to reach their full potential.