North Wall CDP is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status.  It is run by a voluntary Board of Directors. Our directors are drawn from a number of areas including; retail, health and the community and public sectors. North Wall CDP’s current Board is as follows:

Ann Marie O’Reilly – Chairperson

Mark Fay – Treasurer

Nessan Vaughan – Secretary

Aisling O’Donoghue – Director

Dirk Starz – Director

Trish Twomey - Director


The company is subject to detailed written guidelines covering policy, procedure and financial management.  In addition to independent financial auditing the company is audited by each of its funders.

The Board of Directors has the power to formally appoint sub-committees, advisory councils and management committee structures to oversee the implementation of the company’s Strategic Plan and ensure that policies are adhered to.  The sub-committees now include:

  • Finance 
  • Childcare
  • Governance

Our sub-committees also inform the Board on policy issues.  Here are copies of our 2021 and 2020 signed annual reports:


Download Annual Report