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Thank You for the Swim Sessions!

Here's our Little Treasures crew on the last day of swimming classes at Belvedere College pool, Dublin 1 - Tuesday, 11th July.  The classes were a great success 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️

A big thank you to the staff for their time and patience. This would not have been possible without funding from Croke Park Community fund so thank you also.  See you in September 🙏

Hot Meals Pilot

In early May, we rolled out a fantastic six-week Hot Meals pilot scheme in the crèche. Children enjoyed delicious hot meals at breakfast and dinner, with a wide selection of fresh veggies, and new fruit and savoury snacks during the day.

Ready, Steady School

Summer is massive in our Little Treasures Community crèche.  The children enjoy special outings, trips to the park and relaxing, sunny play.  This year, 20 children in our pre-school class are also nearing the end of the Ready Steady School program.

Swimming Classes

On Tuesday mornings the children attend their weekly local swim class - towels, floats and swimming costumes at the ready.  Twenty-five children go to the classes, which are held in the Belvedere College S.J. pool, Dublin 1.  Two tutors teach the swim lessons, while staff and volunteer parents help out. 

Team Building Day

The sun shone on our team building day, Friday 26th May! 

It was a happy event, attended by 32 staff members.  It started with the Viking Splash Tour through the streets of Dublin and on the Grand Canal Dock.  Our tour guide was brilliant – funny and informative. 

Support us at Tesco!

We are delighted that Tesco has chosen Little Treasures Community Crèche in their community support campaign.

If you are shopping in Tesco in the coming weeks please support us by placing the blue tokens in the Northwall CDP box!

Every little helps - as the slogan goes. 

Thank you!

Bloomsday workshop on 16th June

The Five Lamps Arts Festival has a treat in store for Friday 16th June. That's Bloomsday of course.  Rosalyn Hickey will give a free workshop on how to read (and make sense of) James Joyce's literary masterpiece, Ulysses. Rosalyn is an English and History teacher.  She rose to the challenge of reading Ulysses in her 50s and will give tips about how to tackle this rich, complex novel. 

Her workshop will take place in the Central Bank at 2pm.  This event is supported by the NEIC, Dublin City Council and the Central Bank of Ireland.

Trip to Airfield Estate

The skies were cloudy but spirits high!  On Wednesday our garden club ladies and tutor Andrew visited Airfield Estate, near Dundrum.  The grounds are amazing. Airfield Estate is Dublin’s only working farm and gardens. It aims to be a sustainable food hub in a city that's a world leader in food sustainability.

This week's trip included a tour of the gardens, a visit to the house and brunch in the cafe. After all the work in our community garden back here in Dublin 1 this was a well-earned break.

Grow-time with local children

We're delighted to partner with the After School Education and Support Programme (ASESP) on a little gardening project.  In our first growing session we planted sunflower seeds!  The children were brilliant. They had lots of fun and worked really well as a team.   The ASESP is based in Sheriff Street, Dublin 1, like ourselves.  They provide a vital service for local families. 

The baby sunflowers are getting lots of TLC and sun - thanks to the recent good weather. The children and ASESP staff are watering them regularly!