News and Events

Surprise meet up!

Our Little Treasures were happy to meet Fireman Sam, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse today!  They bumped into one another in St. Laurence O'Toole Recreation Centre, just round the corner, to the delight of our babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.   

Mickey Mouse is all dressed up          

Art in the crèche

The children in Little Treasures are enjoying a brush with art! These photos (taken 10 February) are from the first of five sessions in an Early Years Arts Programme which is being delivered in our community crèche.  Artist Cliodhna Noonan facilitated the session, a multi-sensorial experience which she calls 'The Silver Tree'.  Irma Grothuis, NEIC Arts Coordinator, organised the programme.  The children are really enjoying the experience - here's what our childcare workers said:

2022 Sports & Rec course launched

Are you passionate about Sport?  Why not turn that focus into a career...  North Wall CD has 14 places on its free, 44-week Sports & Rec course that starts this month.  We're signing up local lads and ladies age 16-35. You must be unemployed and you'll keep your SW payment and get a training allowance.  This is a brilliant opportunity to try new sports, get qualifications and meet like-minded people. John Behan, our LTI Coordinator, is taking names now and Craig Caffrey, Assistant LTI Coordinator is working with him. 



2022 Sports & Rec Course

Today we launch our new 44-week Sports & Rec course.  Join us at Sheriff Y.C. at 12.15pm. This course will give valuable qualifications to young men and women who are currently unemployed. Plus, working with local partners we hope to create a vibrant sports hub in Dublin's North Inner City.  Please come and support us!

Call/text John Behan on (085) 144 2557 for more info or email: 

Venue address on the poster. Here's a short promo for the course:

Christmas crafts

Our gardening and knitting ladies are still working away. Here are some festive decorations, laced with holly and snow, made by Ellen and Lily.  They're so real that robins perched on them.  Patricia also made a beautiful Christmas doll on a stand, pictured here. 

Last Tuesday our knitting and gardening group made wreaths and other decorations with Andrew, our new community gardener.  They were brilliant.  We look forward to many more gardening and knitting sessions in 2022. 

Santy visit

Santy and his helper elves whizzed over  North Wall last week and dropped into Little Treasures Community Crèche on Thursday.  The children were thrilled to see him. Santy sat patiently his grotto, asking the children if they'd been good and distributing some early Christmas presents.  He even chatted to older people and wished them all a Happy Christmas. Everyone had a great time. 

A big thank you to Santy for being so kind.  Also to the construction company Sisk for gifting some great educational toys to the children. Here's one of them:  

Well done Amy!

Congratulations to our colleague Amy Teeling who graduated today with a BA (Honours) in Early Childhood Education and Care from the National College of Ireland. 

Well done Amy, what a great achievement!

Street Kings match

Some highlights from a football match between An Garda Sίochάna and the Street Kings from Sheriff Street on 14th October.  Great match, but sadly no spectators yet.

The friendly was in Tolka Park. The Street Kings are managed by Alan McCarthy, our community sports officer at North Wall CDP.

Alan also togged out on the night. He's pictured left below. Well done lads!

The Big Scream !!!

It's that spooky time of year again.  The NEIC and our local communities have organized loads of Hallow'een events for the little ones, and not-so-little.  Here's the info on the Sunday events planned for the night of Hallow'een.  You'll find lots more Friday and weekend events on Check them out, if you dare....